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Concerned consumers and health professionals all need a reliable, peer-reviewed source of nutrition and health information. This is why Health Science Institute has developed this indispensable one-stop video Library of Nutrition and Cancer you can trust. Whether you use our videos for your own self-study or for presentations, their approvals from the ADA (American Dietetic Association) and AAFCS (American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences) underscore their credibility.

Health Science Institute's four-volume video Library of Nutrition and Cancer features today's health concerns about vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, food safety, cancer, and much more. Our videos introduce you to generally accepted relationships between nutrition and cancer. They show you current directions of research and practical ways people can apply principles of good nutrition to reduce their risk for cancer and live a healthier lifestyle.

Founded on 25 years of research and education experience, Health Science Institute serves an international audience from its headquarters in metropolitan Washington, DC. Health Science Institute's programs are intended for informational use and are not offered as a substitute for professional advice from or treatment by a qualified health practitioner. The Institute does not endorse any products shown in the videos, or any industry, government, association, or consumer advocacy positions.


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 Maryce JacobsHow safe is my food? What can I eat to prevent cancer? You know these are popular concerns amoung Americans. Serving as University Professor, CEO, and health consultant, I have learned we all need a reliable, up-to-the-minute source of health and nutrition information. And Health Science Institute's videos are just that source.

All are approved by the American Dietetic Association. You'll find the key to healthy living in our powerful videos -- and they're economical too! Before our limited offer ends, capture our package savings. Buy all four and save more.

Maryce Jacobs, PhD


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